Praying For God’s Provision

February 27, 2009

Dear partners in kingdom ministry,

After updating our giving records, we’re writing to ask you to join us in an important prayer need.

As you know, we’re going through challenging economic times. Many of you have shared with us that you have been personally affected.

It won’t surprise you, then, to hear that our own financial situation has been adversely affected, too. As of the end of this month, we are behind about two full months’ pay. In other words, we have not been able to take any salary for this fiscal year.

We are aware that “the world and its fullness are the Lord’s” (Psalm 50:12), and that He is fully capable of meeting our needs. However, this is a significant cause for concern, and we are prayerfully considering what changes we may need to make in the short-term until this need is met. We are truly trusting in His goodness and ask you to join us wholeheartedly in praying for His provision.

On a final note, would you please review your giving to our ministry? If you’re behind and able to make a “catch-up” contribution, we would greatly appreciate that. (Giving information can be found to the left of this posting).

But mainly, we ask that you join us in a season of more concentrated prayer, taking this need directly to the Lord.

I look forward to updating you on the Intermed retreat tomorrow. Please continue to pray for that event, which begins tomorrow at 4pm. If you’re in the healthcare field, please consider joining us for it (for details, see our previous update)!

In Christ,
Bryan & Sharon


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